Wild Fernleaf Dill Infused

wildleaf dill description.jpg
wildleaf dill description.jpg

Wild Fernleaf Dill Infused

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Savory Wild Fernleaf Dill, highly aromatic and vibrant. This extra virgin olive oil will complement bread, eggs, pasta, poultry, salad, seafood, soups and vegetables.

BALSAMIC PAIRINGS:  Oregano, Pomegranate, Sicilian Lemon, 12 Year White, 18 Year Dark

Some great ideas to use this flavorful dill EVOO are to

  • combine with any Olive's Oils vinegar above, toss with cucumbers and add to a salad,
  • Brush on homemade bread just before baking
  • Give a fresh taste to any creamy sauce, aioli or olive oil based mayonnaise (potato salad!)
  • Drizzle over roasting vegetables - especially good with fresh green beans
  • Brush on your salmon or other fish before grilling or baking
  • Add to your potato salad dressing for a little surprise taste
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